House Rules at Kalaranna Holiday Home
Before the visit, Kalaranna issues an invoice to the Client for the security deposit of 400 EUR. The deposit will be returned immediately after the visit, provided the following house rules have been abided by during the visit.

Check-in and check-out
Check-in starts at 12:00 in the Event Hall and at 15:00 in the Main Building.
Check-out from the Event Hall is at 10:00 at the latest, and the entire premises must be vacated by 11:00.
If check-out is delayed, the Client will be charged for an extra day.
The Main Building accommodates up to 12 people.
The Event Hall is suitable for organising events for up to 60 people.

* The house and premises must be left in the same condition upon the check-out as they were upon the check-in.
* All the used dishes have to be washed and returned to their place. The kitchen has to be tidied and left in the same condition as it was upon the check-in.
* If you need to rearrange the furniture (chairs, tables etc.), please put them back in the place that they were at the time of check-in. It is not allowed to take the furniture outdoors. When renting the Event Hall, it is possible to take the furniture outdoors, but you will have to discuss this with us beforehand and get written permission.
* Unfortunately, the Holiday Home cannot accommodate pets. It is possible to bring guide dogs or assistance dogs, but we kindly ask you to let us know of this before your visit.
* It is not allowed to organize parties at the Main Building.
* Using fireworks is forbidden.
* It is not allowed to set up tents or similar structures on the premises.
* The Client will be held materially liable for any damage to the property. If the property has been damaged, its cost will have to be reimbursed. If the furniture or carpets have been stained (e.g. stains of nail varnish, red wine) so that it is not possible to clean them using regular stain-removers, the Client will have to pay the bill for the cleaning service. If the cleaning service cannot remove the stains, the Client will have to reimburse the cost of the damaged item. These costs will be added to the amount of the security deposit.
*Please note that garbage cans are for litter only. They are not meant for the disposal of big decorations, boxes or crates etc. There is a special container for empty bottles. Please sort your garbage responsibly.
* Using motor vehicles to drive on the lawn is not allowed.

Respecting the neighbours
When organizing outdoor activities in the courtyard during the day, the Client has to make sure that they do not disturb the neighbours. It is not allowed to use loudspeakers to play music or to use the microphone to coordinate activities in the courtyard, except during the ceremony if this has been agreed on beforehand. Musicians can perform in the Event Hall.
23:00-06:00 are Quiet Hours, which means no noise is tolerated.

Entrance to the Main Building is through the glass door facing the sea. The key is in the metal key box, which has a code lock. You will get the code by e-mail.
The Client is responsible for locking the front doors of the Main Building, Event Hall and Sauna for the night and when leaving the house.
The Client is responsible for protecting the property of the Holiday Home (e.g. from fire, theft).

Coffee Maker
The coffee maker in the Main Building uses coffee beans.

Before using the fireplace in the Main Building, you have to open the dampers which are on the wall to the left of the fireplace. The glass door of the fireplace opens upwards.

Windows on the Second Floor
The windows on the second floor may only be opened in the upper position. There are mosquito nets on the windows, but there are no safety railings, which is why the windows must not be fully opened.
There are commercial dishwashers in the Main Building and the Event Hall. It is important to read the instructions before using the dishwashers, as they are different from the domestic appliances:
Turn the dishwasher on. It takes about one hour to warm up. Put the dishes on the plastic trays (blue and yellow). The dishes have to be washed with the pressure shower before putting them in the machine, so there will be no food particles on them. Food particles (coffee grounds etc.) will clog the machine. Put the tray in the machine and select washing mode 1. The washing cycle lasts for about two minutes. If you have questions about using the dishwasher, please call us.

Fire Safety
It is forbidden to use fireworks, candles or paper lanterns in the Holiday Home and its premises. When using the char grill outside, please consider the direction of the wind and make sure it is within a safe distance from the buildings.
 Barbecues are not allowed on the wooden terraces.

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the buildings. There are smoking areas in the courtyard and in the Pavilion.

The heating room has a wood-burning stove. The hot room is ready for use after 50 minutes of heating. When heating the stove, fire safety rules must be followed. Before using the fireplace in the Sauna, make sure that the damper is open (pulled out). If you have booked the Sauna House for your visit, you will be asked to pay for it even if you don’t use it during your stay.

Electrical Appliances
It is not allowed to use portable heaters or other electrical devices with high electricity consumption in the Holiday Home or its premises.

There is CCTV on the courtyard and in the Eating Hall of the Main Building.

Contact: Janek + 372 56 507 170, Mari + 372 55 11 619